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  • Aviagen Brief: Water Utilization in Broilers

    Ensuring broilers optimize their water intake not only promotes the sustainability of broiler production through its influence on energy (ventilation) and water use, but also maximizes broiler health, welfare, and production. The routine on-farm recording of water intake is ... Leia mais

  • Ross Note: Treatment of Intestinal Worms in Broiler Breeders

    Intestinal worms are commonly diagnosed during necropsy of pullets, cockerels and occasionally broilers. A preventative worming program is suggested in rearing breeders to reduce the incidence and severity of intestinal worms. Leia mais

  • Poster: First 24 Hours

    This informative poster details key preparations for the first 24 hours. Leia mais

  • Ross Broiler Handbook

    The purpose of this handbook is to help Aviagen® customers to optimize the performance of their broiler stock. It is not intended to provide definitive information on every aspect of broiler stock management, but to draw attention to important issues which if overlooked may ... Leia mais

  • Ross Best Practice on the Farm: Fly Control

    Flies pose a health risk for humans and poultry. They are carriers of Salmonella, Pasteurella, Campylobacter and E.coli, which can have a negative impact on poultry flocks and farm personnel. The speed of fly reproduction can vary depending on environmental conditions such a... Leia mais

  • Ross How To Broiler Management...1 to 8

    The Broiler Management How To’s describe basic key management practices for broilers. Getting basic key management practices correct will help maximize flock welfare and productivity throughout the life of the flock. Leia mais

  • Poster: Manejo do Bem-Estar das Aves

    Habilidade do supervisor de granja, ração e água, administração, saúde, meio ambiente, iluminação, equipamento, cama, biossegurança e observação. Leia mais

  • Aviagen Grading to Manage Uniformity Interactive pdf

    The Grading to Manage Uniformity pdf is an interactive document which takes the user through the various stages involved in grading a population of birds using CV% or Uniformity +/- 10%. The pdf allows the user to investigate their procedures and identify potential problems. Leia mais

  • Aviagen Excel Tool to Help Manage Grading Populations - Metric

    This excel tool calculates the correct grading populations and weight ranges within each graded population from a given CV or +/- 10% uniformity and average weight. The tool also calculates feeder and drinker requirements, bird numbers and stocking densities for fixed or adj... Leia mais

  • Ross How To Broiler Breeder Management…1 to 10

    A practical ‘on-farm’ tool for Parent Stock Farm managers and based on the recently published Parent Stock Management Handbook, this new How To series is designed to provide clear step by step instructions on how to complete key management practices for Parent Stock. The ser... Leia mais

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