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  • Aviagen Brief: Manejo de Problemas de Qualidade de Carcaça no Abatedouro

    O objetivo deste artigo é enfatizar a importância em lidar adequadamente com problemas no abatedouro. Depois do árduo trabalho do produtor na criação das aves para o abate, reduzir os problemas no abatedouro ajuda a garantir uma maior rentabilidade para o produtor. As princi... Leia mais

  • Hatchery Tips 2018

    This booklet contains helpful management and practical advice for use in the hatchery. Leia mais

  • Ross Best Practice in the Breeder House: Biosecurity

    This document contains Best Practice advice detailing the principles of biosecurity for broiler breeder flocks. Biosecurity creates hygienic conditions within the poultry house to minimize the adverse effects and to prevent the spread of disease, optimize bird performance an... Leia mais

  • Ross 308 AP Management Supplement

    The Ross 308 AP is a Ross breeder that has been developed specifically for the Latin American market and selected for higher meat yield and a lower feed conversion ratio (FCR) when compared to the Ross 308. The purpose of this supplement is to highlight the management differ... Leia mais

  • Ross Best Practice on the Farm: Rodent Control

    Rodents carry diseases which can contaminate a poultry flock; however, preventing rodents on a farm can be difficult due to plentiful food sources and nesting sites. Farm design, ensuring the house exterior is free from vegetation and debris, properly storing feed and litter... Leia mais

  • Aviagen Brief: Minimum Ventilation Rates for Today’s Broiler

    The Broiler Handbook was last released in 2014 after an extensive update. Since then, genetic progress in broiler performance has continued. While, for the most part, the management advice included in the Broiler Handbook is believed to be on pace with improvements in broile... Leia mais

  • Ross Parent Stock Management Handbook

    The purpose of this Handbook is to help Aviagen customers optimize the performance from their parent stock. As parent stock, all Ross genotypes are selected to produce the maximum number of vigorous day-old chicks by combining high egg numbers with good hatchability, fertili... Leia mais

  • Aviagen Brief: Marek's Disease Control in Broiler Breeders

    Marek's Disease Virus (MDV), a highly infectious and easily transmitted herpesvirus, is one of the most common viral infections worldwide and is capable of causing tumors and immunosuppression in broiler breeders. These tumors can be found in different organs of the bird, as... Leia mais

  • Poster: Minimum Ventilation For Broilers

    Minimum ventilation brings fresh air into the house and exhausts stale in-house air, while maintaining in-house air temperature. This poster gives best practice management recommendations for effective minimum ventilation of broilers in environmentally controlled housing. Leia mais

  • Poster: Avaliando a Temperatura da Fase Inicial

    Durante o período inicial de vida, a temperatura corporal ótima dos pintos é proporcionada por meio das condições ambientais corretas. Leia mais

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